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Veganism | Ideological Possession

Circle of life, and Death

In this video we review Joaquin Phoenix Oscar speech regarding Veganism, LGBT, and Social Justice. While we do not focus on LGBT, we do review Joaquin assertion Veganism is some how a solution to animal cruelty, meat based diets, social justice ext…

Over the years, I found Veganism to be the logical extreme conclusion to Vegetarians Utopian Delusions of Life with out Death.

In practice, Veganism has proven to be extremely harmful to human health because it denies people of the nutrition they need to live and lead a healthy productive life.

Regardless of Vegan’s Retoric, Vegans lie and make all kinds of false claims using pseudoscience in order to groom and guilt children to try to be Vegan. Once kids begin, health problems such as mental illness follows.

Over the past 10 to 20 years countless Vegan-Converts documented their daily experience with Veganism, and unwittingly demonstrated the diet failed them, and the lies they told themselves and other, in addition to physical damage to themselves.

Vegan-Converts also demonstrated a Religious Zealotry, Mental Illness, Atrophy, and a cultish devotion to Veganism; Which is no longer just a diet, but a Religious Cult. When these Vegan-Converts give up, they are chastised and attacked for contradicting the Vegan Cult, which is common in many Religions.

Unfortunately, the story does not end here, with celebrities, corporations and governments all trying to legislate the Western-Diet under the lies of Protecting the Environment, by banning fertilizers and cows, in addition to sabotaging and destroying meat packing plants, and other food processing facilities, inorder to bankrupt farmers and ranchers, which constrains the food supply, making meat expensive, and starving the masses of people who can not afford it.

ESG(Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) scores work similar to a Credit Score, but instead of measuring a borrowers ability to finance purchases, ESG measures a consumers CO2 footprint.

The World Economic Forum(WEF) in concert with the United Nations(UN), and the Global Banking System/Cartel have colluded together to punish carbon usage threw a new form of domestic sanctions via ESG other tactics. The same economic tactics used to against countries such as Russia, North Korea, and others by restricting access to food and other goods threw the Global Supply Chain, are now being used domestically against Citizens. This method will reduce Citizens to Slaves, or other forms of Indentured Servants.

Food is a weapon. ~Henry Kissinger

WEF, UN, and Governments around the world say they are fighting climate change, they are actually fighting decent to a New World Order, or a One World Government.

We can argue weather this is a new form of Fascism, or Communism, or some Dictatorship it does not matter which word you use to describe it, the result is the same, slavery.

In sum, we have a role to play in the Circle of life, and Death, and it starts with our dinner plate.

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Viral Escape | Dr Fauci | Bill Gates | Joe Biden | RFK Jr

Dr Fauci | Bill Gates | Joe Biden | RFK Jr

In this video we review and compile a couple key points from 4 previous videos listed below…

Each of these videos listed below elaborates or conflate other topics in addition to the key points I wanted to point out in one single video.


What is mRNA and does it relate to Gene Therapy?

What is traditional Vaccine and how does it differ from Gene Therapy or the mRNA Vaccine/Gene Therapy?

How does Anti-Biotic Resistance relate to President Joe Bidens Mass Vaccination Mandates/Requirements from a medical perspective?

And Why is mRNA Vaccines so controversial?

To answer the Why is mRNA Vaccines/Gene Therapy so Controversial, is because its actually a Gene Therapy which has never been approved for use before. Also, who is pulling the strings, and look at what a Gene Therapy is capable of doing, everything from Genetically Modified Foods, Treat or cause disease by altering genes, use your own body to create and spread viruses, antibodies, or even deliver drugs into the heart of a cell and poison it to kill the cell similar to gene therapy.

Some of the more notable or visible characters are Bill Gates and the Bill Gates Foundation in concert with many other Foundations who appears to have achieve regulatory capture over the National Institutes of Health, and their Directors such as De Anthony Fauci.

Because of NIH & Dr Fauci’s involvement in both HIV/AIDS and the Covid-19 Pandemics, we can see many Parallels in the chain of events, as we see history repeating itself.

We also review Wuhan Institute of Virology in China’s role in developing the covid-19 virus, and its release. But also, Dr Fauci’s role in funding the virus development. If we put the politics aside, we see a coordinated effort by American, China and presumably many other members of the United Nations developing Bio Weapons together.

I’m wondering if they have been systematically releasing these virus all along, ie the common cold, and or the annual bird and swine flue out breaks. measles and mumps, ebola ext…

How do we know that many of modern disease were not caused by big Pharma, and NIH and their counter parts globally?

Just look at all the people that were harmed or died as the result of taking chemotherapy over the past 40+years. Not to mention people taking anti-viral drugs/chemotherapy for HIV/AIDS? We see Pfizer & Friends trying to use the same anti-viral/chemotherapy drugs for Covid-19…

We also know in addition to Bill Gates Foundation & Friends do not only work on Vaccines for future Pandemics, but Population Control, Contraception for India, Africa and other 3rd world nations. These all appears to be forms of eugenics, which the Rockefeller Foundation was famous for in the 1930’s which Hilter’s Germany learned from and used in WW2 ie the 3rd Reich and Final Solution.

My point is we can not trust these Foundations because they are not interested in philanthropy it is Eugenics. Bill Gates & the Global Elite are many things, stupid is not one of them.

These foundations are many things but stupid is not one of them, they are malicious, wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. Beware.

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Robert F Kennedy JR | Bill Gates Foundation | Dr Fuaci

In this video we listen to Robert F Kennedy Jr, talk about his new book “The Real Anthony Fauci”, which describes a deal between Bill Gates former Microsoft Founder/CEO, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The deal was to corner the market on vaccine and gene technologies, and together create a monopoly on the patients durived from the Gates Foundation work with the (NIH) National Institutes of Health.

The subtitle of the book “Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health” is interesting, sad but true. Threw lockdowns, the NIH was successfully able to suspend the constitution on purpose, while the Democrats and progressives push along Contact Tracing Legislation, and mandatory forced vaccination legislation.

RFK jr, notes Bill Gates and Tony Fuaci appear to have evaded regulation by bribing government officials, with holding or awarding grant money to Scientific institutions, hospitals and universities across the United States and the World.

RFK jr, points to things like Event 201 and many other events where Fuaci & the Gates Foundation performed a dress rehearsal for Covid-19 just before Covid 19 was unleashed on to the world in December 2019, or January of 2021.

RFK jr accuses Fuaci and Gates of lying to the Government, the media, while carrying out their own agenda against the people.