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Starwars, SpaceX, NASA, Mars, Flat Earth

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In this video, I begin with an illustration of Princes Leia by Joshua Lindsay while thinking about SpaceX mission to the Moon, and Mars… Often while drawing, I spend the time thinking…

Illustrating Princes Leia caused me to think about Starwars, my time at Lucas Film, my dads career in Aerospace, and my career in Silicon Valley & the San Francisco Bay area. in the year 2020 you can not talk about Aerospace or Silicon Valley without talking about NASA, SpaceX, and Elon Musk. As we watch Starlink deploy 5G, SpaceX take on the Airforce’s backlog of $100 billion of space missions, and Trumps announcement of Space Force.

It occurred to me that Elon Musk is now rubbing shoulders with the Department of Defense(DOD), and Department of Energy(DOE), who is control of the nuclear stockpile among other things that have to do with space travel. Could it be, the DOD & DOE, just gave Elon Musk their top 10 wish list of goods and services they wanted, and now Elon is making companies around each wish list item? I’m guessing they also gave the same wish list to Jeff Bazos of Blue Origin & Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic.

Consider Starlink… Musk recently created starlink to deploy/manage 300 5G satellites globally, which could double as Energy Weapons in addition to Global Communication Platform as well as global energy transfer aka trickle charge.

Consider SpaceX, which is now taking over the Shuttle missions to resupply the International Space Station(ISS), and planing to both manned and unmanned missions to the Moon, and Mars. Consider Tesla, and the Cyber Truck, which appears to be a truck for the Moon & Mars, not just Earth. Why does your average consumer need a bullet proof truck, with airlock? Maybe it was designed to operate in space, or on the Moon, or perhaps Mars.

All of which reminded me of the origins of NASA, and its ties to project paper clip which imported Nazi Germans Rocket Scientist Wernher Von Braun who had visions of going to the moon, all threw WW2, and the cold war Von Braun achieved his aim of going to the moon, and laid out plans to goto Mars as well. Could it be Elon is simply taking those plans and visions and turning them into business? Granted, Elon would have received these ideals and concepts form NASA, but Starlink, the Boring Company, Giga Factory, Tesla, SpaceX, Hyper Loop, Solar City all sound like tools and technologies NASA needs to colonize the Moon, Mars and the rest of the solar system.

Just say’n …

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